Crucial Four mBreakfast Shake

Crucial Four mBreakfast Shake:

My Crucial Four mBreakfast shake has been a part of my daily morning routine for the last four years (even when I am traveling). I believe that it has truly changed my life. I have more energy, sleep better, have less stress, and there is no doubt that it has positively affected my overall quality of life. Please also visit my feature in DFW Style Daily~Best in Dallas to find out more about other healthy habits of mine. As well as Couples That Train Together and Hydration.

mBreakfast was formulated to contain what we Americans are missing from our diets. The shakes are 100% organic and contain wild sourced algae, biotic extracts, superior herbs, and medicinal mushrooms. These four missing food groups help us move toward a more active metabolic state, which then creates optimal health and wellness. They contain no artificial ingredients, fillers, flow agents, or byproducts. mBreakfast is 100% food and has a shelf life of up to six months. It is organic mind-body fuel for clean, efficient, and sustained energy. Energy, stress relief, immunity, and performance are critical for everyday life. I like to make sure that I’m starting my day off fresh with the best choices possible. And most importantly with enough energy for my morning workout and for the rest of my day.

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